What Is CIF Number? How To Get CIF Number In SBI Without Passbook

Do you need your State Bank of India CIF Number? If you are looking for your CIF number, I can help. CIF numbers are required by customers and account holders to enable internet banking at SBI. A CIF number is also required to transfer your bank account between branches of State Bank of India. There are two ways to find your SBI CIF number. The first is to use a chequebook sbi to find the cif number. The second is to use a passbook to obtain the cif number. Both methods have been mentioned below, but you can use any of them.

What Is CIF Number?

The Customer Information File (CIF) number is a unique identification number assigned to each customer by a bank. It is used to maintain records and track transactions for a customer’s account. In the State Bank of India (SBI), the CIF number is an 11-digit number that is printed on the first page of your passbook. It is also mentioned on your account statement and other bank documents.

How to Get CIF Number in SBI Without Passbook?

But what if you don’t have a passbook, or if you have lost it? Is it possible to get your CIF number without a passbook? The answer is yes – there are a few different ways you can get your CIF number without a passbook.

1. Get the SBI CIF number by visiting your bank branch

One option is to visit an SBI branch and ask for a copy of your account statement. The CIF number will be mentioned on the statement, along with other details about your account. You may need to provide identification and other supporting documents in order to request a copy of your statement.

2. Get the CIF number by calling your bank’s customer support

Another option is to contact SBI’s customer care center. The customer care representative will be able to provide you with your CIF number, as long as you are able to provide your account details and verify your identity.

3. Get SBI CIF number using net-banking

If you are registered for SBI’s online banking service, you can also log in to your account and view your CIF number on the account summary page. This is a convenient way to get your CIF number without having to visit a branch or contact customer care.


It’s important to note that in order to use any of these methods to get your CIF number, you will need to provide identification and other supporting documents as required. This is to ensure the security and confidentiality of your account information.

So, why is the CIF number important? As mentioned earlier, it is used to maintain records and track transactions for your account. It is also used to identify you as a customer and to process various transactions, such as opening a new account, applying for a loan or credit card, or making investments.

In addition, the CIF number is used to link all of your accounts with SBI – for example, if you have multiple savings accounts, a fixed deposit, and a credit card with SBI, all of these accounts will be linked to your CIF number. This makes it easier for you to manage your accounts and access your account information online or through the bank’s mobile app.

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