How To Close Bank Of Maharashtra Bank Account Online?

Gone are the days when we used to stand in queues for hours in the banks just to deposit and withdraw funds. Now we can do most of the banking tasks without entering the bank or the ATM. All thanks to Online banking that made our life easier than ever. Online banking makes it easy to do everything from anywhere at any time. Some people find it inconvenient to travel to the bank to close their accounts physically. It is now impossible to close a bank account online. However, this may change in the future. This article details the online process for closing your Bank of Maharashtra account.

Nationalized by the Indian government’s Ministry of Finance, the Bank of Maharashtra is one of the country’s largest banks. There were 15 million customers and 1,900 branches as of March 25, 2021. Compared to other national banks, it has more locations in Maharashtra.

How To Close Bank Of Maharashtra Bank Account Online?

Online banking is available to Bank of Maharashtra clients. However, it’s possible to close a bank account online. Throughout your search, you may not have learned all there was to know about closing a bank account online. Follow the steps below to successfully terminate your Bank of Maharashtra account on their website. Please adhere to the specific guidelines provided below:

1. To close your Bank of Maharastra account you need to collect the Account Closure Form from your nearest bank. You can also download the Account Closure Form online as well.

2. Now Fill out the form carefully by entering the correct details.

3. Make sure to take KYC documentation with you at the time of account closure. The Bank of Maharastra demands a PAN card or Aadhaar card as part of the KYC documentation at the time of account closure. For this reason, KYC paperwork also has to be self-attested.

4. When a bank account is closed, they typically notify the account holder via the primary contact method (email or phone number). The above procedures apply to the closure of both checking and savings accounts.

5. Once you successfully submitted the account closure form to the bank then the bank officials requests to withdraw the remaining amount from your bank account. To make the process faster for you we recommend withdrawing all the amount before going to the bank for closing your account. This way you can save time.

Note: You cannot terminate your Account online with the Bank of Maharashtra. A customer who intends to close a bank account must do it in person at the financial institution.

Bank Of Maharashtra Account Closure Form in PDF Format

To close your Bank of Maharashtra account, please use the PDF Account Closure Form. If you’d like to close your account, you can get the necessary PDF file by clicking the button below. You can find everything you need to know about closing your Bank of Maharashtra Bank account on the account closure form. There are also specifics and guidelines for finishing it.

Note: The Bank of Maharashtra does not allow you to close your Account through their website. You must visit the bank in person if you want to shut down your bank account.

Download The Bank Of Maharashtra Account Closure Form PDF

Application Format To Close Your BOM Account

In addition, you may cancel your Bank of Maharashtra account by contacting the branch manager. Please see below the Bank of Maharashtra account closure form. Then, contact the appropriate Bank of Maharashtra branch representative and request that your Account be closed.


The Bank Manager,

Location Name of Maharashtra Bank Branch

Account closure with Bank of Maharashtra, at customer’s request.


I intend to close my savings account with the Bank of Maharashtra. I find it difficult to maintain the minimum balance, and I’ve just opened a new account with a different financial institution. My Bank of Maharashtra savings account particulars are as follows: account number [___], IFSC code [___], and name [ ].

Consider this request for a closure application as soon as you can.

Please accept my sincere gratitude.

With all my heart

[Signature] [Name]

Frequently Asked Questions 

Bank of Maharashtra account closed. Remember KYC forms. Sign the paperwork, give it to the banker, and wait.

Free correspondent accounts for the public and private sectors. Above three transactions, Rs 100 each. Ineligible: BSBDA/FI/PMJDY. After three, transactions cost Rs 100.

Signature suffices. The joint account holder can sign the paperwork before going to the bank.

BOM or other ATMs have a Rs 10,000 withdrawal limit. Four daily purchases are allowed with your Bank of Maharashtra International Debit Card.

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