Honda Accord First Drive Review


Honda Accord Overview

The Accord has been a Honda staple for more than three decades. Launched in 1976 and arriving in the UK a year later, it is now in its eighth generation and, although its star is fading somewhat in the UK, it remains as much a stalwart of the Honda line-up as the The outgoing car may have been five years old when it was replaced in 2008, but even by modern standards that’s a short model cycle, and the car has aged so well that not even the market has shown any sign of losing patience with it. Indeed, 2007 was one of its best sales years ever.

The outgoing car may have been five years old when it was replaced in 2008, but even by modern standards that’s a short model cycle, and the car has aged so well that not even the market has shown any sign of losing patience with it. Indeed, 2007 was one of its best sales years ever.

But replaced it was – not with the subtly facelifted model that its maker could so easily have got away with but, with typical Honda thoroughness, an entirely new car ;

As seems the way of all flesh these days, it’s bigger in almost every significant dimension (although the old car was an inconsequential 5mm taller). It’s heavier, too, although model for model the weight gain has been restricted to a few dozen kilos.

Honda Accord Design & Look

A new thick chrome slat grille comes on the Honda Accord Hybrid. The LED headlamps have DRLs as well. The new fascia makes the Honda Accord Hybrid look bigger and more premium. It has a strong road presence too. The side profile is not very different from the earlier car. The rear looks quite similar to the the BMW 5 Series. The new Accord is very much European is design and also a lot more appealing. It wears the Hybrid badging on the side and the rear.

Honda Accord Cabin & Comfort

Move inside the luxury sedan and there are features and technologies that one would expect on a luxury vehicle. Buttons surrounded on the steering wheel for audio and cruise controls make sure the driver has a completely undistracted experience. The combination of the beige and dark grey theme with faux wood inserts enhance the elegant appeal. You also get two screens, one for the lane departure warning, which is Honda’s exclusive patent and an AVN or Audio, Video & Navigation unit that pairs with a smartphone.

The Honda Accord Hybrid also comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality that mirrors the smartphone’s screen on the infotainment. All this technology with the upmarket tactile feel is something the Accord Hybrid excels at. In order to cool the cabin beforehand if the Accord Hybrid is parked in the sun, Honda have provisioned a remote start function. Once in the car, all you need to do is press the brake pedal and press the start/stop button

Add to this the wide seats in both rows with adequate bolstering for a six feet plus person and impressive underthigh support, you have the perfect blend of what a luxury sedan with all the bells and whistles should be. The rear seats, despite being adjusted for my height (for reference I am six feet two inches tall), had acres of legroom, knee room and headroom. Underthigh support and recline, like the front seats, is brilliant.

A noteworthy mention is the electrically adjustable co driver’s seat that has switches on one side to adjust the seat by the passenger sitting behind it. So, more room for the person who is being chauffer driven through the day

Honda Accord Engine & Performance

Just about good enough’ sums up the new Accord’s performance when equipped with the staple 2.2-litre diesel engine. The engine produces 148bhp – up 10bhp from the old Accord – yet retains its commendably smooth running. And although overall weight has risen, it’s not by enough to blow a big hole in what was already fairly leisurely acceleration. Honda’s own numbers suggest a 0-62mph time of 9.5sec, a time we matched to 60mph in testing.

Of more importance is the quietness of the engine at a steady cruise and the fact that it has the nicest transmission in the class, even taking the German quality brands into account. Six speeds are standard and the change quality is light yet deliciously precise. Refinement levels are exceptional for this class of car, with wind, road and engine noise kept to a bare minimum. For more details on Honda Accord check Kazembassy

In the ranks of modern diesels, the more powerful 177bhp version of the 2.2-litre four-pot is much more commendable. Its 280lb ft torque maximum is on offer between 2000 and 2750rpm, although there is a decent spread of grunt throughout the rev range. The well-judged gear ratios, combined with that fantastic shift quality, ensure swift progress can always be maintained, not something that can always be said about the lower-powered model. Ask the diesel flagship for all it’s got and it will carry you to 62mph in 8.8sec and to a top speed of 136mph.

In the ranks of modern diesels, the more powerful 177bhp version of the 2.2-litre four-pot is much more commendable, with a good spread of torque.

The base 154bhp 2.0-litre petrol Accord feels surprisingly sluggish. The effortless mid-range urge of modern turbodiesels that we’re used to means that a revvy petrol engine like this one feels overwhelmed when asked to lug a large family car. Performance has to be extracted from the Accord by revving it surprisingly hard, and even shallow motorway gradients are enough to defeat this car’s tall sixth gear

The range-topping Accord – the model that middle-managers countrywide should surely aspire to own if the outfit’s premium-brand ambitions are to be taken seriously – has a noisy 198bhp 2.4-litre four-pot, which drives the front wheels through a five-speed automatic gearbox that is often slow to kick down and guilty of transmission slip. The Power of Dreams? This is anything but

Honda Accord Braking & Safety

The Honda Accord Hybrid has safety features loaded to the hilt with airbags all around, ABS with EBD, traction control, hill start assist and lots more. An unexpected situation while driving asked for hard braking and the sedan was composed throughout. A noteworthy mention goes to Honda’s exclusive Lane Departure Warning system. A camera mounted on the left ORVM turns on with the video feed coming on the screen in the centre console. In this case, the driver knows what is in the blindspot and does not have to move his/her head away from the road to see the left ORVM. Personally, I would have loved is this feature was also available for the right side as well. Check car loan for Accord.

Honda Accord Driving Dynamics

Test drove the new, refreshed Accord from Delhi to Agra and were reminded of the familiar engine characteristics and ride quality that the 8{+t}{+h} generation Accord is known for. The 2.4-litre i-VTEC engine generates a peak power of 180 PS and is paired with either a five-speed manual transmission or a five-speed automatic transmission, with steering-mounted paddle shifters for optional manual inputs. The other, more advanced and powerful engine option is the 3.5-litre V6 engine that generates a strong 275 PS of peak power when all six cylinders are operating – a fact that needs mention because this engine is endowed with VCM. The system switches between six, four and three cylinder combustion depending on the driving conditions and driver demands. VCM ensures smooth transitions and power delivery, while simultaneously making sure that fuel economy is optimised

Honda Accord Cost in Ahmedabad

Honda Accord On-Road Price in Ahmedabad ranges from 48,38,144 to 48,38,144 for variants Accord Hybrid and Accord Hybrid respectively. Honda Accord is available in 1 variants and 4 colours. Below are details of Honda Accord variants price in Ahmedabad. Check for Accord price in Ahmedabad at Tryaldrive.

Honda Accord R0und Up

The Accord takes the fight to established rivals such as the Toyota Camry, which has been unrivalled in this segment this far. The Camry’s rear seat may be more spacious but besides that, the Accord trumps the Camry on every single department. It comes better equipped, offers the best-in-class Hybrid system with performance and fuel efficiency to match. All this comes in a much more modern package making the Honda Accord a no-brainer in this small yet important segment.  For price details on Honda Accord check AutoZhop.