What Are The H1B Job Categories?

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Here are the main H1B job categories for specialty categories for the H1B along with some job examples in each field. Notice that this includes not only STEM jobs but also jobs from a variety of different fields. For H1B Visa Process Visit UT Evaluators

1. Computer Science

. IT Manager

. Software Engineer/Developer

. Systems Analyst

. Programer

. Data Communications and Networking Specialist

2. Architecture and Engineering

. Aeronautical Engineer

. Mechanical Engineer

. Drafter

. Industrial Engineer

. Surveyor

3. Health and Medicine

. Dentist

. Veterinarian

. Surgeon

. Registered Nurse

. Physician

4. Research and Education

. University Professor

. Secondary School Teacher

. Home Economist

. Governmental Researcher

. Educator for People with Disabilities

5. Business Management and Administration

. Transportation Manager

. Insurance Manager

. Real Estate Manager

. Construction Manager

. Retail Trade Manager

6. Science and Mathematics

. Psychologist

. Therapist

. Biologist

. Agricultural Scientist

. Astronomer

. Physicist

. Geologist

. Chemist

7. Finance

. Accountant

. Advertising Manager

. Public Relations Specialist

. Sales Manager

. Budget Management Official

8. Miscellaneous

. Lawyer

. Librarian

. Historian

. Political Scientist

It is important to note that this is not an exhaustive list of possible occupations or H1B job categories that qualify as H1B visa jobs. Work closely with your immigration attorney to decide whether or not your profession falls into this list or may otherwise qualify. For more details on H1B Visa  visit Iftr2015hyd

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