H1B Sponsorship

If you receive an H-1B Transfer RFE, don’t panic. An RFE is merely just a request for additional evidence before an H-1B approval or denial.

In most cases, the USCIS requests things like:

A. Proof of educational degrees and qualifications for the position.

B. Tangible evidence of past work experience. For Employment Visa Process Visit UT Evaluators.

C. Documentation from the employer showing the ability to pay the employee

There are four main types of RFEs including:

1. Proof of an employer/employee relationship:

Additional information may be necessary to prove that an authentic employer/employee relationship exists.

2. Evaluation of education and degrees:

These may be issued to individuals who have degrees from outside of the U.S. The USCIS may examine the institution or university abroad to see how it compares to the U.S. degree requirements.

3. Determination of a specialty occupation:

In order for an H-1B visa to be approved, you must demonstrate qualification in a “specialty occupation”. However, to qualify as such, you must meet the minimum requirements, typically a bachelor’s degree or higher in a correlating field. To know more details on H1B Visa visit Quisicilia

4. Financial documents from new businesses:

These are typically issued to businesses and companies in operation for fewer than 3 years or who haven’t filed an H-1B prior.

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