H-1B For Teachers: Transfer Districts & Period Of Stay

H1B Sponsorship

The H-1B visa class is a viable option for primary, secondary or college teachers with the required knowledge and training. H-1B visa offers foreign professionals the ability to work temporarily in the United States as long as they hold specialty occupations. For an H-1B visa for teachers, the exact requirements and eligibility conditions are noted below.

H-1B for Teachers: Transfer Districts

Often times, a teacher with H-1B status will wish to transfer to another school district which requires a transfer petition to be filed. For Employment Visa Process Visit Orphosyscorp

In order for this to occur a few requirements must be fulfilled:

1. The teacher on H-1B status who is desiring the transfer must have filed as cap-exempt through the University Affiliation at some point in the past. How can you prove this?

A. The best way to submit proof of this is by providing Form I-129.

2. The other way in which a teacher on H-1B status may transfer to a different district is by transitioning to a district that has been deemed exempt from the annual quota/cap. The requirements of such are noted above.

H-1B for teachers may vary greatly from one school district to another. We recommend scheduling a consultation with an immigration attorney to ensure you receive the most relevant advice.

H-1B for Teachers: Period of Stay

The period of stay on H-1B for teachers is the same length of time that other H-1B visa holders have. The initial period is three years and that can be extended an additional three years for a total of six years. Although it is sometimes possible to obtain further extensions in one-year increments in some cases.

What’s more, spouses and children may be eligible for H4 status which makes them eligible for other benefits including:

A. EADs as part of Obama’s immigration reform

B. Can attend school on H4 status and in some cases may be considered a resident in regards to tuition fees

C. Have the freedom to change status

These are some of the benefits available to H4 status holders. To learn how an H-1B for teachers may affect your family members, consult an immigration professional.To know more information on H1B Visa check Quisicilia

Regular H-1B Cap

The annual cap for teachers and other H-1B status seekers is as follows (with the exception of those who are cap exempt):

A. The regular quota currently stands at 65,000 based on figures from last year.

B. The master’s degree quota is 20,000 and 6,800 are put aside for Singapore and Chile citizens.

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